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Should You BUY, or Should You DYE?

Renew your home or business carpet at a fraction of the replacement cost. Carpet dyeing will save you up to 60-80% over the cost of purchasing new carpet.

Carpet dyeing is a process that re-dyes wall-to-wall carpet on location in homes, condos, offices, churches, schools, and apartments. The process is clean, odorless, fast-drying, and as permanent as your original mill dyes. We also can re-dye the carpet in RVs, autos, and boats.

With our unique method, we blend in faded areas, spot dye chemical stains and bleach spots, and rejuvenate tired colors. Most carpets can be re-dyed to like-new condition with a deeper carpet color. Stains, fading, discoloring, and permanent soiling are no longer reasons to replace your carpeting. A professionally dyed carpet looks beautiful and will provide years of additional service.

So if the carpet in your home is an undesirable color, pet stained, discolored, or even faded for one reason or another, it’s probably wise to consider refurbishing it. However, what do you do if the condition of your carpet is good but it doesn’t look good? At that point, it’s pretty obvious that it is a waste of your hard-earned money to replace carpeting that already has many years of service left. High-quality carpet, less than ten years old, rarely demands replacement carpeting. Maybe the carpet is almost brand new but somehow appears old and abused.

Some homeowners are dissatisfied with outdated colors and prefer to dye their carpets to achieve a totally new color scheme. Owners of rental properties, realtors, and people trying to sell their homes or who have just purchased homes are among the most frequent clients we serve with this great process.

Whether Dyemasters restores the original color to your carpet or we change the color of your carpet completely, The results are permanent and will look as good as the color that was applied to your carpet when it was produced at the carpet mill.

So, before you spend potentially thousands of dollars on replacing your stained carpet, give us a call today! Dyemasters will save a lot of money by allowing you to completely change the color of your carpet and fix spots or stains that you have without having to replace all of the carpets!

About Dyemasters Carpet Dyeing

DyeMasters is Southern California’s original on-site carpet dyeing service and is among the few firms in the country that specializes in on-location carpet dyeing and color restoration. Our specialty is in the area of Carpet Dyeing and Color Restoration. We are also experts in the repair of bleach and chemical spots. We Can Restore the original beauty of your carpeting with the same professional carpet dyes used in carpet manufacturing mills.

We have re-dyed thousands of color-damaged carpets since 1980. Why buy a new carpet when you can dye and save! Custom carpet dyeing by Dyemasters restores your carpet to a new look without the extra costs of total carpet replacement. Dyemasters has a unique method that has been tried and proven since 1980. Our wide range of services includes residential & commercial carpet dyeing, complete color changes, and faded color restorations, including area rugs. Also auto’s, RVs and boats. We are experts in bleach and chemical stain repairs.

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Why Choose Dyemasters Carpet Dyeing

What sets us apart from other carpet dyeing companies?


Color Is Our Business, Our Only Business
Entire Home “Wall To Wall” Dyeing Service
Accurate, Up-Front Pricing
Over 40 Years Experience
Expert Bleach & Chemical Stain Repairs
#1 Carpet Dyeing Service In Southern California
100% Workmanship Guarantee

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