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Residential Carpet Dyeing

Why spend thousands of dollars replacing your carpet when you could have it dyed for a fraction of the cost?

Do you have stubborn stains or fading that you would like to eliminate?

When you move furniture is the color faded out next to where the furniture was sitting?

Did you just purchase a new home and do not like the color, but can’t afford new carpet right now?

Carpet dyeing is a fabulous way to rejuvenate your carpets and you can save up to 80% of the cost of replacing your carpet.

We have been doing carpet color restoration for over thirty-nine years The dyes we use come from major carpet mills and manufacturers. The dyes are then custom blended to the color of your choice.

The dyes are permanent and colorfast. The dye chemically bonds to the carpet fiber, does not come off, and is guaranteed to last for the remaining life of the carpet.

Carpets are dyed in at your location, with a minimum of inconvenience and disruption. The carpet can be used immediately upon completion.

If your carpet has small pet stains, bleach spots, or chemical stains, spot dyeing will repair these problems.

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