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Q. Why choose carpet dyeing?

A. If you want to restore the appearance of your carpet, you might be looking at a price tag with lots of zeros. We can halve that number without sacrificing the quality of your home or business carpet.

A. Whenever you want the carpet to look almost like new again. Like before a new tenant moves into a rental. Also before you sell your home(or just purchased a home and can not afford new carpet). Fading and stains are the most common reasons for dyeing. So is redecorating. Since changing the color of carpeting is the first step for most redecoration, carpet dyeing instead of replacing will drastically reduce the cost of redecoration. The main reason for re-dyeing commercial carpeting is the extreme cost involved in replacing the hundreds or even thousands of yards of carpet, especially if it is not worn out.

A. Yes, to a degree, but dyes are translucent and therefore carpet dyeing is not like painting. Unlike painting, which is a surface treatment, carpet dye permeates carpet fibers. Due to the nature of fibers and dyes, the color your carpet was originally, makes a difference as to what colors it can be dyed. For example, a red carpet can only be dyed a color for which red is a component color, like most shades of brown, or a different shade in the red family, like maroon, mauve or purple. The red carpet cannot be dyed green or yellow. White and beige carpets can be changed to almost any color. You can change color families but you can’t dye dark colors lighter. The range of colors your carpet can be dyed will be determined upon inspection and testing of it.

A. No, polyester or olefin carpets cannot be dyed. This can only be determined upon inspection and doing a fiber ID test. (Which we provide for free). Nylon and Wool fibers can be dyed. Polypropylene, olefin and polyester fibers cannot be re-dyed on location.

A. Yes. We can resolve most stubborn stain problems by re-dyeing the carpet a deeper color to cover them up. We also can deal with bleach spots and pet stains that have altered the color of your carpet.

A. No. Your carpet will be cleaned during the dyeing process. It is cleaned again after the carpet is dyed, which gives it that look of a “new carpet”

A. Absolutely not. The dyes set within a few seconds of application. The dye chemically bonds to the carpet fibers and is colorfast and permanent.

A. Dyemasters unconditionally guarantees that the dyes we use will be as durable and colorfast as those of the original carpet manufacturer. There s is also a lifetime labor guarantee of the dye application process. As with any carpet though, your redyed carpet will be affected by bleaching agents, urine damage and years of exposure to sunlight will eventually fade the color. The dyes we use are from the major carpet mills.

A. An average sized room is cleaned and dyed in an hour or two. A larger room takes longer, while several rooms, as a whole house, may take a full day. Commercial areas may take 2 or 3 days to complete.

A. In a matter of seconds, since the dyes set immediately. Most furniture can be replaced immediately, however, certain items such as furniture with unsealed stained woods, MDF, metal objects, or flat items with no airflows should be left off until dry. We use a powerful truck-mounted machine to remove the water, which is the dye “carrier”, so you can walk on the carpet as soon as we finish. The carpet will feel damp but the remaining moisture should evaporate within 24 to 72 hours, depending on the season, the airflow and the weather.

A. In most cases, carpet dyeing will cost about 30 percent of replacement cost, or less. Spot dyeing, of course, is much less. An estimate can be given after we speak with you and find out how much carpet needs to be dyed. Just call and we can discuss your requirements. The dye test is FREE.

A. Yes. providing they are wool, nylon or a wool / nylon blend. We can’t dye polypropylene, polyester or olefin area rugs.

A. Yes. the dye we use comes from carpet manufactures. You can treat the carpet as you would a new carpet. We advise the hot-water extraction method for cleaning, as do all the major carpet mills.

A. Normally no. However, the carpet actually does receive a very good cleaning prior to the dyeing process, when dyeing complete rooms or areas. A lot of our work comes from referrals. A large part of those referrals come from carpet cleaners, but we have not offered general carpet cleaning service to the public since the early 1980s.

A. Yes. This may surprise a lot of people as it’s opposite to carpet replacement. Although a very clean process, a little dye can get on the baseboards, walls and lower door frames, so it is preferable to paint second.

A. Yes. it can be re-dyed as many times as you would like.

A. Dyemasters has been re-dyeing carpets since 1979. Experience is the most important skill of all in dyeing carpets. We are not a franchise, which means you get highly personalized service. Unfortunately, we only are able to service the Southern California area.

A. It means a one or two-week carpet dyeing course was taken, and a certificate of completion is issued, indicating one is now a “certified” carpet dyer. It looks great in advertising, but unfortunately, it takes a great deal more experience than that to master the art and skill of carpet dyeing.

A. The dye will last for the remaining natural life of the carpet, with the exception of fading which occurs naturally on all carpets eventually.

A. Not very likely. This type of work is as demanding as any other trade – if not more so. Once in a great while, someone may get lucky; but this is rare. Even professional carpet cleaners that receive some training, quite often get into trouble. There are reasons why there are only a very few carpet color correctors; and even a smaller number that are really good at it.

A. No. The dyes are eco-friendly and are the same dyes used by carpet mills and carpet manufacturers

A. Cash, Checks and Credit Cards are acceptable. We do not offer any financing or credit unless prior arrangements are approved. Please note there is a small 3% convenience/processing charge added to credit card payments.

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