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Professional Carpet Dyeing in Loma Linda, CA

If your carpet is an undesirable color, pet stained, discolored, or faded for one reason or another, it’s probably wise to consider refurbishing it. However what do you do if the condition of your carpet is good but it doesn’t look good? At that point it’s pretty obvious that it is a waste of your hard-earned money to replace carpeting that already has many years of service left. Many times, the best solution, and most economical solution is carpet dyeing. DyeMasters is Southern California’s original on-site carpet dyeing service, and is among the few firms in the country that specializes in on-location carpet dyeing. Our specialty is in the area of Carpet Dyeing and Color Restoration. We are also experts in the repair of bleach and chemical spots. We Can Restore the original beauty of your carpeting with the same professional carpet dyes used in carpet manufacturing mills. Our wide range of services include residential & commercial carpet dyeing, including area rugs, autos, boats and RV’s. Carpet dyeing is an excellent way to give your carpet an affordable face lift and get a few more years out of it. It’s also a good choice if you have changed your decor and your carpets color no longer fit in. Dyemasters will save you thousands of dollars in dyeing your carpets vs. premature replacing of them. Carpet dyeing will be 60% to 80% cheaper than carpet replacement.

Color Changes

There are many reasons why it may be desirable to change the color of your carpet. The good news is this can be accomplished without having to replace your carpet. Color dyeing is a more cost effective and convenient way to upgrade an existing carpet and make a dramatic change to any room. Whether your new home comes with carpeting that is incompatible with your tastes and stylistic preferences, or you just do not like the carpet color anymore, color dyeing can get you the results you are looking for at an affordable cost.Dyemasters offers a large range of colors to choose from. Customers may opt for a subtle neutral look, or a bold statement. The process is fast and hassle free, and the results are rich, vibrant, and permanent.

The dyes that are odorless, permanent and completely safe for kids and pets.
Dyes are completely colorfast and can be walked on within a minute after applied.
Updated or restored carpet color that takes only a few hours and generates no waste.
Savings of 60 to 80 percent over carpet replacement.

Color Restoration

If you have an older carpet that has become faded and discolored over the years, carpet dyeing can restore the color back to a fresh new look for much less than replacement cost. Carpets that are old or weather worn will always lose some of their color. Color loss in carpets is typically caused by the suns UV rays. Another source of color loss is ozone gas fade and frequent cleanings. Carpet color restoration also includes removing or reducing stains in your carpet. Carpet dyeing will restore the vibrancy of an older, faded carpet.

Bleach & Chemical Stains

If you have bleach on carpet from an accidental bleach spill or chemical stains, look no further because we can help. Bleach spills are no longer a reason to toss out your perfectly good carpet. Bleach is an active chemical called sodium
hypochlorite that is used to remove color from materials or to sanitize them. Unlike stains which “add” color to your carpet, bleach and other cleaners remove color from your carpet. This is why you cannot “remove” bleach from your carpet. Different chemicals like toilet bowl cleaner, medications, peroxides, pool chemicals, disinfectants or even pesticides and acids can cause color loss in carpets. Each of these products remove color in carpet a specific way. We are experts at color matching bleach stains (spots) specifically to your carpet’s color scheme.

Auto’s RV’s & Boats

We Do carpet dyeing for your boat, RV, automobiles and exotic cars. On average, RVs for example, are equipped with less than 100 sq. ft. of carpet. But if you opt to replace carpet in a RV, sliders have to be removed, carpet needs to be cut and placed, and it needs to be bound around exposed edges. The whole process may take weeks to complete and can cost thousands! Instead you should consider dyeing the carpet for a fraction of the cost. Dyemasters will make the carpet look like new in just a couple hours. Dyes will set and dry in minutes and the RV will be ready to use same day!

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